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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Not a menu -- Steps/Half Marathons & More

So, as per usual I am frantically trying to control my eating and find time to exercise.  It is quite simply no easy task.   I've committed to my 10,000 steps a day and with the help of the fitbit am still going quite strong.  Even if it sometimes means pacing around my house to get those last few steps in before it buzzes.   The most I've gotten in a single day was about 16,000.    My next goal is to hit 20,000 some day soon!  

In the meantime I signed up for another half marathon.  It's not until November, so I have plenty of time to stall.   But, I sat down over the weekend to put together a training schedule.  Of course, first things first, I have to actually start running again, -- which is going to be difficult to say the least!   Being I have so much time until the half, I decided to take it easy and start with just 30 minutes of run/walking (3 min running/1 minute walking) this week.   I'm also committed to getting to my spin class every single Saturday and hopefully one on Wednesday too!   To help me make sure I don't overindulge with the extra exercise (why yes, I would like a 500 calorie piece of pizza being I just burned 100 on my jog -- check out this article for more on this and other sabotaging behaviors!)   I am also back to using My Fitness Pal to track my food.

I've also been searching for some inspiration.  I know, I know, you would think that say, a Marvel Avengers Half Marathon in and of itself would be inspiration, -- or at least maybe Black Widow's figure (which I would need implants to achieve), but alas, no.    I've already read Born to Run and Eat and Run and watched every running documentary available on Netflix and Amazon Prime. So, I think my next book is going to be Ultra Marathon Man.   I mean me running 13 miles is pretty much the same as him running 50+ right?  

Finally, I am planning to try to think like an athlete!   This article is full of some awesome tips. I printed it out to re-read.   Although, the truth is I currently do not think that way.  I think more like this.

So until I complete my journey from the latter to the former, the following accurately depicts the conversation in my head that happens before every single run!
What goes through my head...

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