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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Skipped Two Weeks -- But here is week 3

Ok, so I had two really bad weeks.   We completely fell off the planning wagon.  Oliver ate tofu w/soy sauce at least three and possibly four days for lunch last week.  The other day was PB&J.   Dinners were equally bad.  I did manage to make a pot of lentils that we ate, but we also ate out 4 times last week.  So, last week we were really  trying to get back on the wagon.  
Then last week, Oliver got sick.   So I didn't actually send what was on the menu for Tuesday and Wednesday, because he didn't go to school.  But, I included what I had planned below incase you're interested -- I just can't comment on how well the may have gone over.  Then when Oliver did go back he asked for a heart shaped PB&J on Thursday -- how could I refuse that request!
Weekend Before:  Shopping, Crockpot Black Beans, Salsa.   I stocked up on some of Oliver's staples last week -- and am continuing to use them in his lunches this week.   
Thai Noodles w/tofu and veggies (this is the 100 days of real food recipe w/tofu added)
Two Mandarin Oranges
Dinner:  Black Bean Burritos 
Black Beans in Thermos w/ a little cheese.
Greek Yogurt w/honey
Mandarin Orange
Dinner:   Black Beans & Rice w/  Salsa (I was going to make jerk shrimp to go with this, and just got too tired!)
Tofu & Rice w/soy sauce
Trail Mix
Dinner:  Veggie Pizza
PB&J Heart
Mandarin Oranges
Trail Mix
Dinner:  Southwestern Quinoa (quinoa, black beans, corn, cilantro) served w/ salsa
Black Bean & Cheese Burrito
Mandarin Orange
Trail Mix
Dinner:   Salmon w/ mango salsa, black beans and rice.
-- No recipes to share this week, but here are my tips: 

Crockpot black beans:  1 pound beans, about 6 cups water, I cooked mine with about a half a cup of onion, a garlic clove (I mince mine) and a bay leaf.  Then salt when done.  It took a solid 8 hours in my crockpot.     It made a LOT.   We've used them all week, and I think I may have to freeze some. 
Salsa:  I've said before I started with the pioneer woman recipe and now have completely changed it.  This week I had tomatoes that were going to go bad so I roasted them and the jalapeno.   I still used one can of organic tomatoes too, onion and cilantro.  I have no idea how much of each because I pretty much just to it to taste.  Turned out great!   
Trail Mix:  So, my trail mix isn't fancy at all and Oliver doesn't always eat all the nuts, but I wasn't up for making muffins this week, so I took Almonds, Dried Cranberries and Dried Bananas and mixed them up.  
Number of Items in school lunches:  Someone asked me why I only send three different items.  This is based on Oliver.   Sometimes, I feel like three is too many!   The more choices he has the less he actually eats.  So, I like to limit it to three items.  I also don't send diary every day because he drinks plenty of milk/eats plenty of cheese at home, so he doesn't need it for an overall balanced diet.   This weeks menu was short on vegetables.   That's mostly because I forgot to buy any that he will actually eat and I wasn't feeling creative enough to whip up something to hide the ones he won't.  So, I'll be looking to correct that next week.   

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